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ALLtogether european youth football festival 2010

Austria Summer Football Cup

More than 800 girls and boys from over 30 nations met in Linz / Austria from 12th – 17th July for an unforgettable football experience.

U13 junior teams from the 53 UEFA member associations had been invited to this unique football event organized by KOMM MIT and held under the auspices of UEFA and UNICEF.

More than 125 matches were played by the teams competing for the tournament awards: certificates, medals – and the coveted trophies. 


An interesting programme of social activities and cultural events was organized by KOMM  MIT to allow the athletes and coaches from the different teams to socialize and make friends.


KOMM MIT’s ALLtogether – european youth football festival is a stake in the ground for Europe to move closer together. Therefore, we would like to say thank you to all of the participants, partners and supporters for this wonderful week!


We are Europe – ALLtogether! See you again in 2012!

Congratulations from the KOMM MIT team to all winners in this tournament and to the winning team of the Fair-Play-Cup!


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