Congratulatory message from Reinhard Grindel

Dear football friends,

The year 2016 stands out as an excellent year for football. The European Championship in France, the European Championship U19 in Germany as well as the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have once again proven to which extent sport unites people. Thousands of fans have celebrated together the victories and defeats of their teams – everyone will most certainly remember the fans from Iceland giving us a sight to behold with their inspiring attitude. German teams participated in all three major events showing the extraordinary work carried out in the youth sector of our clubs and associations.

All over the world, hardly any other sport unites as many emotions as football. Success and failure are sometimes only seconds apart. The peculiarity of this sport is that emotions are experienced together and lived as a team –regardless if the team is playing in the professional or amateur league. But very often a successful professional player must poses excellent basic skills. The German team that triumphed at the World Championship in of 2014, was made of players who hadn´t started their career at Bayern München or Borussia Dortmund, but rather in clubs like FT Gern, TSV Pattensen or SC Ronsberg.

Every football club is a social network where experience is gained, different from what social media like Facebook and Twitter have to offer. Active and constant involvement in the club´s work, well-trained and motivated coaches and assistants are crucial in motivating children and adolescents to start playing football and, furthermore, continue practicing football. For more than 30 years, our long-standing partner KOMM MIT has been fostering the amateurs in the youth football by supporting several educational projects and international tournaments. Therefore, we are very pleased that during the last year our collaboration grew closer, also relating to voluntary service. With the DFB (German Football Association) campaign „Our volunteers. Real professionals.“ we would like to highlight once more the great work carried out day by day and week by week in each German football club – most of which is often on a voluntary basis. Therefore, we have clearly enlarged our „campaign voluntary service“ in 2017 when it also celebrates it´s 20 anniversary. As part of the promotional project „Football heroes – campaign young volunteers“, we are searching for extraordinary coaches and assistants from all 280 football associations in Germany to honor them and to express our gratitude with an educational journey to Spain. Voluntary service should not be an imposition, but rather arouse enthusiasm for an enduring dedication.

The prerogative for the clubs should be fun. Therefore, take the opportunity and participate with your team in one of KOMM MIT’s numerous tournaments across Europe. These exceptional events have an extraordinary impact on the development of young female and male players. They are a special enrichment for every participant for it is also through football that values such as respect, thoughtfulness and acceptance are strengthened and thus living together in peace throughout the world is promoted.

I wish all teams a successful season and a lot of fun during the KOMM MIT tournaments in 2017.

Yours Reinhard Grindel

– DFB President –

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