Congratulatory message from Reinhard Grindel

Dear football friends,

The last World Cup was once again proof of the integrative power of football. Especially nowadays, international exchange and communication among nations have become very important, because through dialogue, bridges are built and positive changes are implemented. Fans from different nations, supported not only their own teams but also other teams. We witnessed a strong cross-border community spirit and a collective enthusiasm, intertwined with football fun and pure joy.

As a result, a sense of awareness of social responsibility for friendly cooperation emerged. Football always brings together people from very different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. This is one of the reasons why Germany is applying for the UEFA EURO 2024 under the motto “United by Football – In the Heart of Europe”. With our application, we want to show the extent of the unique integrative power of football.

The interaction of professionals and amateurs during the application process proves once again that these two areas belong together and that one cannot function without the other. The countless volunteer hours spent on football by coaches, parents, club officials and many others in Germany, are a great social asset and a unique feature. The motivation, passion and courage of our volunteers deserve the highest respect. They allow you to experience football and convey the fundamental, long lasting values of our society. In a club, children and young people are encouraged to be there for each other in a team, to have mutual respect and fair play – not only on the football pitch, but also in society.

Our long-standing partner in youth football promotion, KOMM MIT, is particularly committed to communicating these values through specially organised international youth football tournaments. Under the motto “ALLtogether – Feel the spirit of football”, around 25,000 children and young people from almost 60 different nations came together again in 2018 at KOMM MIT’s Europe-wide events. In addition, KOMM MIT is also involved in voluntary work and together with the DFB is organising the educational trip for the „FUSSBALLHELDEN – Aktion junges Ehrenamt“ (“FOOTBALLHEROES – Initiative young volunteers”). We are delighted about the partnership with KOMM MIT that has been ongoing since 1993 and congratulate our partner on its 35th anniversary.

KOMM MIT’s traditional tournaments offer all clubs a great opportunity to gain new experiences and experience football all over again. Especially the opening and closing ceremonies with Olympic character are lasting memories for all participants. Once more, in this year I wish all KOMM MIT participants and the whole KOMM MIT team a lot of fun and success at the European tournaments as well as a lot of fun playing and watching football!

Yours Reinhard Grindel

– former DFB President –

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