Conditions of participation
Golden ticket

The special promotion “Golden Ticket” is valid in the anniversary year “40 years” KOMM MIT and is aimed at coaches* who work in youth soccer on a voluntary basis.

1. KOMM MIT invites over 2000 selected trainers to a KOMM MIT event in 2023. The action is organized by KOMM MIT alone

2. the “Golden Ticket” can be redeemed by any natural person who has received one by mail or email, follows the given instructions and has registered his club team for 2023 by 06.12.2022. Transfer to another person is only possible with the consent of KOMM MIT.

3. The object of the “Golden Ticket”, when booking your club team to a KOMM MIT event in 2023, is to cover the costs for eine person for accommodation, meals and event participation. Travel costs are not included in the “Golden Ticket” and are to be paid by the respective person.

4. one “Golden Ticket” per club per event is valid. When registering additional teams for an event, an additional “Golden Ticket” may be redeemed from the 40th person for tournaments in the Netherlands, and from the 45th person for all other countries.

For the redemption of the “Golden Ticket” it is necessary to fill in the form on the homepage or to contact KOMM MIT by phone. Decisive for the timely redemption of the “Golden Ticket” is the registration of a club team of the participating natural person as the responsible person until 06.12.2022.

6. If the “Golden Ticket” is not redeemed by 06.12.2022, it will automatically expire.

7. KOMM MIT reserves the right to exclude individual persons from participation if there are justified reasons, e.g. a violation of the conditions of participation, impediments in the person of the participant, violation of rules of conduct or tournament rules, etc. If the conditions for exclusion are met, the ticket benefit can also be subsequently revoked and reclaimed. Exclusion for justified reasons does not result in any claims of the participants against KOMM MIT.

In addition, KOMM MIT reserves the right to cancel or modify the redemption for important reasons. Cancellation or modification for good cause may occur in particular if proper execution can no longer be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. In case of cancellation or modification there are no claims against KOMM MIT.

Should any clause of these terms and conditions be invalid, the corresponding statutory provision shall apply and the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

The right to redeem the “Golden Ticket” is transferable only with the consent of KOMM MIT, cash payment or exchange is not possible. The legal process is excluded. Otherwise, German law shall apply to disputes in connection with the redemption.

KOMM MIT is not willing and not obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

The data protection provision also applies to the submission of data as part of the “Golden Ticket”. These can be read here: Datenschutz.

If you have any questions, please contact

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