At all tournament events, the following applies: Health is paramount and official orders must be observed with priority. Our events will be strictly guided by these. The protection of children and young people is particularly important to us and therefore the events will only take place if the overall situation permits.

KOMM MIT offers its tournament events in various European countries. As the pandemic regulations there are partly different from those in Germany, this must be taken into account and all guests must adapt to the regulations in the destination country. Failure to comply may result in fines from the local authorities, which each guest must then pay themselves.

Hygiene protection concept

Disinfect surfaces

Wear a mask

Wash hands thoroughly

Disinfect hands

Keep distance

On the pitch

  • During breaks in play, the minimum distance must also be maintained on the pitch
  • Refrain from spitting and blowing the nose on the pitch.

At the sidelines

  • The minimum distance (1.50 metres) must be maintained in all areas outside the pitch. Exceptions are to be aligned with local and official ordinances
  • Physical greeting rituals (e.g. handshakes/hugs) are to be refrained from.
  • Recommendation to wash hands with soap and water (at least 30 seconds) and/or disinfect hands.
  • Observe cough and sneeze etiquette (bend arm or use handkerchief).
  • Persons not taking part in the game who are on the premises are required to wear mouth-to-nose coverings. Persons who can show a medical certificate for exemption from this regulation are excluded from this rule

General rules

  • Strict regulations are laid down that lead to a rapid clarification of suspected cases of COVID-19 disease
  • Participation in the game is only possible for all participants if they are in a symptom-free state of health.
  • Persons with suspicious symptoms must leave the sports facility immediately or are not allowed to enter it at all:
      • Cough, fever (from 38 degrees Celsius), shortness of breath, all cold symptoms
      • The same recommendation applies if symptoms are present in other people in one’s own household
  • In case of a positive test for coronavirus, the official quarantine regulations apply. However, it is recommended that the person concerned be removed from training and playing for at least 14 days. The same applies in case of positive test results in the same household
  • The respective locally valid ordinances always apply
  • KOMM MIT instructs all coaches and club representatives in the guidelines and measures for match operation.
  • Persons who do not comply with these rules are not to be granted access to the sports facility or are to be expelled from the sports facility within the framework of the event law.
  • Before the start of the tournament, all participating persons will be actively informed in good time about the hygiene rules in an understandable manner. This applies to all persons of the participating teams and clubs, as well as to the referees and other officials.
  • All other persons staying on the sports grounds will also be informed about the hygiene rules in a comprehensible manner in good time. The sports facility offers sufficient washing and disinfection facilities, especially in the access area and at the entrance to clubhouses
  • Washing and disinfection materials in public areas are available
  • No large gatherings of people, such as at the opening ceremony The closing ceremony with award ceremony will take place in an adapted form. We will also adapt other framework programme points accordingly in line with the recommendations of the health offices and public authorities
  • Paths on the sports facilities are classified according to entrances and exits
  • Bringing your own drinks bottles that have been filled in your own accommodation is a prerequisite
  • The training shirts used by KOMM MIT are washed after each session.
  • The balls used are disinfected after each match

Passenger transport in coaches is permitted again, taking into account certain hygiene measures (e.g. mandatory wearing of masks, fixed seating, thorough cleaning and disinfection of coaches). Accordingly, we will offer the arrival and departure of the teams with coaches to the tournament events. The selection and communication with the bus companies follows in close consultation with KOMM MIT. Before the trip, you will be informed about the regulations and the hygiene concept developed by the bus company.

Our accommodations are all known for many years and have been selected with the greatest care. The hotels have adapted hygiene concepts in the individual tournament venues so that enjoying, relaxing and meeting is as carefree as possible, also and especially in the current situation. Through close cooperation with the hotel operators, we can guarantee compliance with the standards.


For your safety, there will be hygiene protection officers for each tournament location. They ensure that the prescribed measures are adhered to – that distances can be kept, sufficient disinfectants are available and all facilities are cleaned, etc. – if you are unsure, you always have your* contact person on site. Parents, carers and trainers will also receive information on how to contact the hygiene protection officers in case of an emergency with their travel documents. KOMM MIT also ensures that you are well looked after in the event of illness.


Our staff members have completed an EpiCert training in which they gained knowledge about epidemic prevention and COVID-19 in particular. In addition, our employees receive tournament-specific instructions regarding additional measures.

EPICERT - Gesellschaft für Epidemieprävention

Corona warning app

All KOMM MIT staff are encouraged to use the Corona warning app. In this way, we are making a valuable contribution to containing the virus and protecting the population. And we make sure that a smooth tournament process is guaranteed.


Booking & Payment Conditions

KOMM MIT reacts to the prevailing uncertainty regarding travel bookings and changes its booking conditions. With the Covid-19 Safety Promise, each group has the option to cancel the tournament trip booked for 2021 free of charge up to 60 days before the start of the event. In addition, payment modalities have been adapted so that clubs have maximum flexibility in the booking process. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the team registration fee and 20% of the total price of the trip are payable. The balance must be paid at the latest 30 days before the event. Further deadlines can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

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We are international!

We offer our homepage for our international participants in many different languages. We do our best to ensure that everything is completely correct. If this is not the case, we apologise. If you notice any errors on the homepage, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your understanding!

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We are international!

We offer our homepage for our international participants in many different languages. We do our best to ensure that everything is completely correct. If this is not the case, we apologise. If you notice any errors on the homepage, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your understanding!

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