Promotion of clubs

The promotion of associations

Clubs are needed to create moments of jubilation. The tasks within a club are manifold, as is the composition of club officials and club members. Together, they not only take care of the games, but also of legal and liability issues, pitch maintenance, club festivities and much more.

Performing together

Support for the club’s equipment is another priority. Training equipment, kits, socks, shorts and balls form the basics. In particular, the common kits and the uniform appearance put the team in the best possible light. Due to the different circumstances, however, not all teams can afford club equipment.

Since 1998, we have been supporting clubs at grassroots level with jerseys, socks, shorts and balls. Every year, around 400 clubs benefit from our club promotion.

In addition, the Youth Promotion Prize and vouchers are awarded to the clubs every year via the regional associations.

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For the grass roots football

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