Our guideline

The guideline of KOMM MIT

Our vision

Club life provides a “green field” for the personal development of children and young people. Volunteers get involved to offer them a wide range of sports and create a club life that often functions as a central meeting point for children and young people. In the club, they not only have the opportunity to do sports, but also experience and learn important socially relevant values through sport.

KOMM MIT has been official partner of the German Football Association for youth development as well as in the area of recognition culture since 1993. The non-profit organisation has always been self-financing.

Official cooperation partner of the DFB in the area of youth development

Our mission

Our Europe, as we know it today, results from the efforts of the last decades to create a place which, despite its diversity, unites us rather than allowing differences to divide us.

Europe means: practised diversity in kindergartens, schools, universities, workplaces and public institutions. Border-free travel as a sign of border-free hospitality, as an invitation to experience – to feel – this diversity.

If we look at Europe as a grassroots club, a club that is made for everyone, where people are happy about successes but do not define themselves by them, but always keep an eye on the route, the common route of all those involved, then a complex Europe quickly becomes more concrete. A grassroots club is the place where all people, no matter where they come from, are welcome, where everyone can contribute, and where everyone is committed to a common goal, where attention is paid to the old as well as the young generations, and where both generations support each other. Because without the experience of the “old” and without the motivation of the “young”, the organisation (and Europe) would have no future.

Football is our tool to bring tomorrow’s Europe together at an early stage Over the past decades, the community has ensured peace in Europe and created the basis for health and prosperity.

With the ALLtogether – european youth football festival, a very special event with the participation of all 53 UEFA nations and characterised by a unique accompanying programme, KOMM MIT draws attention to the special achievements of Europe.

„Initiatives such as the ALLtogether-festival (from KOMM MIT), where European values are in the limeleight, provide an ideal opportunity to give these values a new lease of life an a positive image among young people. Sport in general, and footballin particular, is an universal language that unite youth coming from the 53 nations represented.“

Stanislass Frossard, Executive secretary of the Enlarged partial agreement on sport of the Council of Europe
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