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You have decided on a tournament and are ready to register? Here you can find all information about your binding registration.

As already mentioned, it is essential to regularly clarify all important issues with the stakeholders and decision-makers. There are various best-practice solutions on how communication can succeed. There are various best-practice solutions on how communication can succeed. KOMM MIT is there for you with all your questions!

After consultation, you will receive a non-binding offer from our staff, which is ideally tailored to your and your needs. We try to consider all your wishes and suggestions according to our possibilities and capacities. You enjoy complete flexibility for your individual journey, which you can adapt together with us at any time. The offer should also be discussed with all parties before the final booking. Here we recommend, for example, creating a common group where the most important documents and messages can be shared.

You don't need much for the binding registration and booking: just fill out the registration form and send it to KOMM MIT by email, fax, post or carrier pigeon.

When filling out the form, there are a few things that you and your club should keep in mind.

  • The form must bear the stamp of your association and be signed with a legally binding signature.
  • All data should be filled in carefully and correctly so that there are no irritations afterwards.
  • Please also note our terms and conditions.

We will process your application as soon as possible and send it back to you in the same way. Please note that shipping by carrier pigeon may take a few working days.

The payment terms are stated on your invoice. As a rule, you must pay your deposit ten days after the invoice is issued. Payment of the balance is due no later than 30 days before the tournament.

Tip: We recommend that you collect the individual payments of all passengers. It is advisable to set up a special bank account from which you can also make all transfers.

You can increase the number of participants until the official registration deadline of each tournament (subject to availability). Also available on request after the registration deadline. In the event of cancellations, please note the cancellation deadlines, which can be found in detail in the General Terms and Conditions, as is the case for all trips.

Contactus directly if you have any questions about changes to your booking.


Pack your suitcase - we're off soon! Unforgettable moments full of joy and new experiences await you and you alone. But be careful - have you packed everything?

Didn't we just do that? YES! But nevertheless it is important for us to place this topic.

You should involve the parents of the players in the preparations right from the start and, for example, offer them the opportunity to participate. in the following tasks:

  • Budget planning and fundraising
  • "Advertising" through reports in the press
  • Transport of the players to the airport or bus departure point

There are many little things that you and your club should consider.

When travelling to "new" countries, parents should prepare their children to be exposed to new and unfamiliar things (food, language, culture, customs). In the run-up to the trip, a meeting of the players and parents in the form of a preliminary meeting can be useful to prepare the young people for the new experience.

The role of the accompanying persons should be clearly defined before the start of the journey in order to avoid problems at the tournament venue. Whether only as tourists or as motivating fans, as supervisors (for the whole group or only for their own children) or provided with special tasks (e.g. transport of team equipment): It is up to each group to clarify these and other questions according to their own ideas, but it is advisable to coordinate this in advance of the tournament trip.

Here you will find an overview of what all participants should bring with them:

  • ID card or passport, possibly visas for non-EU citizens (if necessary, contact the respective embassy for the tournament country).
  • Health insurance card & insurance cover
  • Sufficient change of clothes and, if necessary, warm clothing (jacket, socks, etc.). In the southern countries, the evenings can get quite chilly, especially in the spring and autumn seasons.
  • Sports and training clothing (also for changing), football boots (for grass and artificial turf pitches, depending on the tournament location).
  • Casual Clothing & Casual Shoes
  • Pocket money (even if full board is offered at many tournaments, the children and young people should have some pocket money, e.g. for leisure activities).
  • Emergency first-aid kit, plasters, sports tape, medication (if needed) & vaccination card
  • Writing utensils
  • Toiletries, towels if required
  • Sun protection
  • Laundry bag (for dirty laundry)
  • For accommodation in the tent camp (Elsass-Spring-Cup and Munich-Summer-Cup) sleeping bag and sleeping mat / air mattress

As a coach, you need a few things that not everyone needs to have with them. This includes the following:

  • Balls (KOMM MIT cannot provide balls on site; balls brought along can be inflated)
  • First aid kit
  • Flight tickets (if required) & other travel documents
  • List of participants and consent forms from parents
  • Guest gifts for the local clubs (pennants, etc.)
  • List of players' passports (with copies of passports)
  • Telephone lists (from the tournament venue and home)

Our staff will be happy to advise you and your association on individual questions about travel insurance. Simply get in touch with us now!

We recommend that you collect the most important documents such as identity cards, health insurance cards, etc. before the trip and manage them centrally. This task could also be taken over by an accompanying person.

On the spot

Finally! Once you arrive at the tournament venue, you will not only be looking forward to the tournament, but hopefully also to good weather and, above all, a good mood among all participants. Note: KOMM MIT cannot influence the weather on site.

The accommodation during the KOMM MIT tournaments in the Southern European countries includes the stay in the hotel or holiday resort of the booked category with full or half board. Please note that the country categories in the southern European countries differ from the German standard and the furnishings are usually simpler.

The tournaments in Germany include accommodation in holiday camps, tent camps, guesthouses, youth hostels or sports schools. For an extra charge, it is also possible to book hotel rooms that offer a higher level of comfort.

The tournaments in the Netherlands include accommodation at the Slagharen theme park.

No matter which form of accommodation you choose for yourself and your team, make sure that your team treats both the hotel staff and other people's property with respect. H In most accommodation you will need to pay a deposit on arrival to cover any damage to items or facilities. These will be returned to you on your departure. In the event of damage, the amount of the damage will be offset against the deposit or invoiced to you retrospectively. Save yourself, your team and KOMM MIT this trouble and teach your children and young people to treat other people's property with care. If you have any problems, the KOMM MIT staff will of course be there to help you.

You can find more information on accommodation in the individual tournament countries here!

Although efforts are made in southern European hotels to cater to the culinary habits of travellers, children and young people should be prepared for the fact that there are differences here from the eating habits of home We recommend buying packaged drinking water in the southern tournament countries and avoiding ice cubes in drinks.

One issue that you as team leaders and coaches should be prepared for is your players' use of alcohol and cigarettes. Far away from the parental sphere of influence, one or the other may not be able to resist these temptations. Address this issue before the trip and set clear boundaries There is no question that sport and stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes do not go together. Nevertheless, you should make clear definitions, especially for the older young people.

Except for Croatia, you can pay with the euro in all tournament countries. In addition to cash, the EC card is a common payment method, and cash withdrawals are possible with it everywhere in Europe. The most widely accepted credit cards in Europe are Master-Card and Visa. AMEX cards, on the other hand, cannot be used everywhere, especially in southern European countries. In Croatia it is advisable to carry some kuna (local currency) with you, but larger sums should only be exchanged locally due to the more favourable exchange rate. To avoid your children and young people carrying large amounts of money with them, it is advisable to plan the leisure activities in advance of the trip and collect the entrance fees in advance. KOMM MIT offers numerous excursion possibilities. Details can be found in the excursionslinked on each tournament page. The excursion options mentioned are to be booked on site and paid in cash.

The KOMM MIT team is there for you both before and during your tournament trip. KOMM MIT tournament offices are located not far from the accommodation and sports facilities in all tournament countries and are open from morning to night for you and your team. You will receive the telephone numbers of these tournament offices, where you can reach our staff on site, with your travel documents. Our staff, most of whom are multilingual, already have many years of experience in dealing with participants and will help you quickly with questions and solving possible problems. In order to be able to offer help and support to all teams of different origins, we attach great importance to the internationality of our tournament staff. Most of our court managers, coaches and referees speak other languages besides German. If the staff member does not speak German, you can always communicate in English.

On our facts pages you will find all further information on the tournament rules, the sports facilities, the accommodationor even the excursionsfor the respective tournament country - and as always. If you have any questions, just ask!

The language of football is international. Even if you don't always understand the language of the opposing teams, use the language of sport to communicate. And above all, be fair. It is not for nothing that the Fair Play Cup is the most coveted of all KOMM MIT trophies. Make it clear to you and your players that you are not only representing your club, but also your country. Set a good example. And if, in the heat of the tournament, there are any statements that go beyond the "usual fan chants", remain thoughtful and objective. Inform the tournament staff in charge so that conflicts can be avoided and any offensive remarks can be stopped. Even if other nations have different mentalities, the KOMM MIT tournaments are held under the motto "ALLtogether": Everyone together! Encourage your players to make new international contacts and friendships. Because at the KOMM MIT tournaments, it's not just about trophies and medals, but above all about the peaceful coexistence of children and young people from different backgrounds.

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After the game is before the game. We look forward to keeping in touch with you and your club to plan your next tournament experience!

Contact us now!

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

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We offer our homepage for our international participants in many different languages. We do our best to ensure that everything is completely correct. If this is not the case, we apologise. If you notice any errors on the homepage, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your understanding!

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