JAKO and KOMM MIT enter into partnership

JAKO und KOMM MIT schließen Partnerschaft

New jerseys for 1,000 grassroots clubs

The team sports outfitter JAKO and the non-profit organisation KOMM MIT are supporting up to 1,000 clubs with jersey sets in the course of the newly concluded partnership.

Der Ausrüster von KOMM MIT

In 1998, KOMM MIT initiated the “Club Promotion” campaign and has been providing youth teams at grassroots level with jerseys every year since then. This funding was at risk due to the ongoing pandemic.

With the new partnership, JAKO and KOMM MIT have now set themselves the goal of jointly supporting and promoting children’s and youth football even more. The professional structures of the JAKO dealer network in conjunction with digital solutions (JAKO team shops) allow for nationwide coverage of the promotion and direct contact with the clubs and teams.
Every team that benefits from the club sponsorship also receives an individual online shop – the so-called JAKO Teamshop. In it, club members can order the equipment directly digitally and have it conveniently delivered to their home or pick it up locally from the dealer.

JAKO and KOMM MIT share both the motivation to strengthen football at grassroots level and the same values in corporate management – the topic of sustainability is of particular importance here.

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