We are back! Behind and ahead of us all lie difficult weeks and months and for all of us this time is very demanding. Thanks to your patience and trust, we are in the season preparation 2020/2021! Thanks to the cohesion of the clubs, our volunteers, our partners and our 21-person team, we were able to survive the past weeks. We really appreciate this solidarity in such an uncertain time. A special thanks goes to all of you.

For the first time in almost 40 years of KOMM MIT history we had to cancel all our tournament events. Totally through no fault of our own we got into a difficult situation. But as in a good team on the court, we have made it together with you.

We have been in contact with the clubs in Germany and the world since day 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know too well how individual clubs and teams are doing. And we keep our fingers crossed for all of them that they will also come out of the crisis stronger. We are happy to continue to support the basis with the means at our disposal.

Side by side, we are going through these difficult times together. From the basis for the basis, that was and is our philosophy. We will continue to promote our vision of peaceful coexistence through children's and youth football. More Informations!

Corona and KOMM MIT

In a first step, when the extent of the pandemic was not yet apparent, KOMM MIT informed all customers of the Easter to Pentecost tournaments that "their" tournament was still running on schedule, but at the same time offered the possibility of rebooking for insecure customers. The rebooking could be made for later in the year (autumn tournaments) or for 2021. For rebookings within 2020 KOMM MIT offered a travel allowance of € 300,- per team and for rebookings to 2021 the respective tournament was offered at the price of 2020.

If the Covid-19 pandemic increases, there was no other possibility than to cancel the tournaments about six weeks before the start and to inform the participants officially in writing. In this step, customers were offered

a) get back in full the money they have paid so far

b) rebook to 2021 at the price of 2020.

c) leave part of their money at KOMM MIT as travel credit for 2021 and get the rest of their paid money back. If the travel credit is not redeemed by the end of 2021, you can have it paid out then.

After the reverse transaction, respectively remittance, had started, KOMM MIT informed all customers about it and asked them to give a short feedback when the money is on the corresponding account.

In the course of the email with the cancellation of the tournament KOMM MIT has offered the customers different possibilities for the reversal, as explained under point "Communication with customers". All customers were informed about when the retransfer should take place, e.g. for Easter until mid May. Unfortunately KOMM MIT could not keep these dates, so that when the deadline expired, the customers had to be informed that the payment would be delayed. At this point, KOMM MIT approached the customers with complete transparency and explained clearly and in detail that it was due to the financing and the fact that non-profit organisations do not receive any state funding. KOMM MIT must help itself!

Customers who had chosen the option of travel credit were sent the voucher by post with their corresponding amount including a letter of thanks. The rebookers were sent the confirmation including a letter for 2021 by post. By the end of August all remittances have been made Easter to summer.

At any time during the "Corona crisis" the KOMM MIT centre was (and still is) available. The colleagues were there for the customers by telephone four days a week and answered all questions and criticisms. Via email and social media the accessibility was even more pronounced.

Already during the seasonal planning KOMM MIT has to make payments to some suppliers and partners to book certain services. These partners have been hit as hard as all of us by the Covid-19 pandemic and some of them are struggling to survive. Out of the general solidarity KOMM MIT has decided to support the long-time partners as best as possible and has waived various payments of advance payments. Only by following the motto "" can this crisis be overcome.

KOMM MIT is responding to the prevailing uncertainty regarding travel bookings at present and is amending its booking conditions. With the Covid-19 safety promise, every group has the possibility to cancel the tournament trip booked for 2021 free of charge up to 60 days before the event begins. In addition, payment terms have been adjusted to give clubs maximum flexibility in the booking process. Further deadlines can be found in the general terms and conditions.

KOMM MIT has also adapted the payment conditions. After receipt of the booking confirmation the team registration fee and 20% of the total price of the trip have to be paid. The final payment must be made at least 30 days before the event.

KOMM MIT has developed a hygiene compass adapted to each venue. This includes (as of October 2020) the following points: no physical welcoming rituals, use of personal drink bottles, avoidance of spitting and nose blowing on the pitch, no clapping off/taking arms/joint cheering, holding speeches outside at a distance of 1.5 m, balls are disinfected after each match.

In addition, there are the general rules: wash hands thoroughly, disinfect surfaces, disinfect hands, wear a mask, keep your distance.

Certain hygiene measures also apply in the coaches, such as compulsory wearing of masks, fixed seats, cleaning/disinfecting the coaches. KOMM MIT will have close agreements with the bus companies regarding hygiene and infection control.

Before the start of the 2021 season KOMM MIT will send an employee to each destination to personally check the hygiene measures on site.

The hygiene regulations!

Furthermore, our employees have successfully completed the prevention training against epidemics. The following training contents had to be learned:

  • General information on the Corona (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic
  • SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard
  • Supplements to the risk assessment in terms of the SARS-CoV2 occupational safety standard

KOMM MIT offers its tournament events in different European countries. As the pandemic regulations there are partly different from those in Germany, this must be taken into account and all guests must adapt to the regulations in the destination country. In case of disregard, penalties from the local authorities may have to be expected, which then have to be borne by each guest himself.

Some of you will ask yourself, what do KOMM MIT employees do when there are no tournaments? Unfortunately, the employees of the KOMM MIT headquarters in Bonn had to go on short-time work at first. The travel industry has sometimes been hit hardest by Covid-19. However, KOMM MIT did not leave the "tournament free" time unused. Various projects were pushed forward, e.g. digitalisation. This means that in future customer communication can be more environmentally friendly, as it is paperless, and additional, modern features make the internal working day at KOMM MIT easier. The tournament catalogue including all information for 2021 has been completed. Various items have been thoroughly revised (see terms of payment 2021). The KOMM MIT team has formed working groups to find new impulses for the tournament events. In addition, it should not be forgotten that KOMM MIT was and is available at any time, be it by phone, email or social media channels.

KOMM MIT is working on offering, in addition to the insurance offered so far through ARAG, a supplementary cover which includes the case of Covid-19. Information on this will be published as soon as it becomes available.

The big motto of KOMM MIT is "". Only according to this motto there is a way out of the crisis. The cohesion KOMM MIT has experienced in recent weeks, whether within the team at the Bonn headquarters, from the ranks of German and international customers or volunteers, has strengthened everyone that Covid-19 will not and must not be the end of KOMM MIT. Every crisis is also an opportunity - we take advantage of this and continue true to the motto .

Hygiene rules for the KOMM MIT tournaments 2021

Health is the most important thing in life. It must be protected. As a long-standing cooperation partner of the DFB in the field of youth promotion, we rely on the DFB's model hygiene concept and the recommendations of the local health authorities and agencies when organising our 2021 events. We have derived our regulations and principles from these guidelines for training and match operations in amateur football, so that we dutifully implement all necessary hygiene measures.

The following applies to all measures and tournament events: the protection of health is paramount and official orders must be observed with priority. Our events will strictly adhere to these.

We look confidently into the future with you!

2021 will be the year of our tournament, full of unique football moments and unforgettable memories. The club, the team, the players and of course, the coaches and parents - let us look forward to 2021 with confidence and look forward to meeting again.

Status: November 2020 - Subject to changes!