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KM_Website-300x130KOMM MIT was founded in 1983 and is cooperation partner of the German Football Association (DFB) in the field of youth football. Since 30 years KOMM MIT organizes international youth-, sports- and cultural encounters especially in Spain, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria and Germany. Meanwhile KOMM MIT is initiating and promoting different projects regarding youth football.

The main aspect all times is the organization of youth football events (girls and boys teams from 10 years up) for clubs of nations which are a member of UEFA or FIFA. By now more than 1300 teams of more than 30 nations take part together with their coaches, parents, friends and siblings annually in KM events. The intention of KM – supporting a friendly together and bursting cultural borders – is full filled by them. On the pitch the teams match with each other on an international stage, besides the pitch they exchange their ideas and experiences, they form friendships and get to know the country of their venue and its inhabitants.

The events are organized together with the particular football associations, the local clubs and town halls. Qualified and experienced employees accompany every group from the moment of planning until the return. They have a hand in creating an unbelievable experience for you.

We are looking forward to your participation in one of our tournaments or seminars!

Your KOMM MIT Team

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