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Excursions in Germany

Our tournaments in Germany are located in the whole country and partly in the French region Alsace. Therefore every tournament has its own cultural and sportive offerings of leisure possibilities.


Swimming fun at the Sachsen-Therme

Forget football for a few hours and enjoy with all your senses warm water and spa-feeling in the so called “Sachsen-Therme”.


Centre of Leipzig and Gewandhaus

Today Leipzig is more vital than ever: a city for exhibitions, congresses and trade but also for culture, sports, nightlife and shopping. An unforgettable train station and not fare away the place where the famous demonstrations began whose result was the reunion of Germany. Or what do you think about a homely evening in “Auerbachs Keller”—a restaurant where even the famous “Faust” of Goethe was? Take your time to discover Leipzig!

About Leipzig (Wikipedia)


Trip to the city of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the historical capital of the region Alsace. It is also place of numerous European organizations like the European council or the European parliament. Strasbourg was founded in the year 12 B.C. by the Romanian emperor August. The Old town which is still well preserved was appointed as World Heritage Site in 1988. The place directly in front of the romance and gothic style Minster is one of the most beautiful European inner-city places.

About Strasbourg (Wikipedia)

Lido of Kehl

Swimming, splashing, sliding, jumping and a lot more offers the lido of Kehl. A short refreshment during the games … and then continue!

Theme park: “Europa–Park Rust”

Visit Germanys biggest theme park. Within the “Europa-Park” you will find diversification and seasonal highlights every time of the year. The park is wider than 90 football pitches, has more than 100 attractions, stunning shows and a lot of surprises. Experience a trip through all 5 continents.

Europa–Park Rust


Allianz Arena

Immerse yourself in the world of professional football at the Allianz Arena. Join us on one of the range of stadium tours operated by Arena One and discover one of the world’s finest stadiums for yourself. Our tours offer both individual visitors and groups a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to the Allianz Arena.

KOMM MIT_Gedenkstätte Dachau

* Bei den angegebenen Ausflugsmöglichkeiten handelt es sich um kostenpflichtige Fremdveranstaltungen, Transfers werden angeboten. Je nach Jahreszeit sind nicht alle genannten Ausflugsmöglichkeiten bei jeder Turnierveranstaltung buchbar.

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