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ALLtogether – european youth football festival

ALLtogether_logo_2014After the successful initial execution of the “ALLtogether- european youth football festival” during KOMM MIT’s 25th jubilee in July 2008 at the Costa de Barcelona-Maresme, Spain, the follow-up event now is taking place in July 2010 in Linz/Austria. Under the patronage of UEFA and UNICEF, 64 U13 junior teams (girls and boys) from the 53 UEFA member states are meeting for an extraordinary youth football match whereby the winner has already been determined: Europe!

KOMM MIT is inviting one U13 junior team from each of the 53 UEFA member states (room and board as well as “ALLtogether” programme points for 16 players + 2 accompanying persons), in order to set an example in football for the merging Europe and a peaceful get-together. At first the participants get to know each other at the age of “U13” in Linz/Austria, and then they meet in 2012 as U15 in Rimini/Italy, 2014 as U17 in Berlin/Germany and 2016 as U19 in Budapest/Hungary. Learn something from one another, make friends and grow up with one another – every young footballer should say this afterwards: “ALLtogether – my team is Europe”!

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ALLtogether - european youth football festival
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