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ALLtogether for sport and society!

Information on our funding areas

International understanding

With our events and support projects, we want to promote solidarity and bring the generations of tomorrow together today.

Equal opportunities

Everybody has the possibility to stand up for his/her team and every team has the possibility to stand up for a player.


The whole system of socially relevant work stands and falls with voluntary activities. Club life is directly affected by this.

Gender equality

What was and is a matter of course for us is unfortunately still not a matter of course in some societies.

Promotion of clubs

Since 1998, we have been supporting clubs at grassroots level with jerseys, socks, shorts and balls. Every year, around 400 clubs benefit from our club promotion.

Health education

Balance, exercise, nutrition, well-being without any physical, mental or social disorder: health has different definitions.

Against racism and anti-semitism

True to our motto “ALLtogether – for peaceful coexistence”, we are working hard for a world without prejudice.


We are united in our diversity through togetherness. If football helps us to accept our differences, then being different is “normal”.

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