International understanding

International understanding at
the KOMM MIT tournaments

With our events and support projects, we want to promote solidarity and bring the generation of tomorrow together today. We want to use exemplary values to show that we are united by much more than we think, and that the impossible becomes possible through respect and acceptance.


The communication or intellectual exchange of other cultural, political as well as social, sporting and mental living conditions contributes significantly to international understanding. We want to overcome misconceptions, reduce overestimations of our own culture and social system, eliminate negative attitudes towards foreigners – but also to intensify interpersonal relationships with acquaintances or friends in the closer circle of our familiar surroundings, this is what we want to achieve with our KOMM MIT tournaments.

In an increasingly fast-paced and digitalised society, we offer children and young people real experiences that will stay with them for many years with wonderful memories. In a world that has become “closer together”, young people are looking for international encounters. Sport can be the appropriate means of communication to convey socially relevant values in a playful way.

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