The philosophy of our responsibility

"ALLtogether - for peaceful coexistence" is KOMM MIT's philosophy of life.

Respecting differences and celebrating commonalities – together for a future of solidarity. All this is reflected in the work of KOMM MIT. The “ALLtogether” idea is lived out in particular at the numerous KOMM MIT events in various European countries and positive and sustainable values are conveyed to thousands of children and young people from Europe and around the world.
One KOMM MIT event impressively reflects the (still) growing together Europe: the ALLtogether – european youth football festival.

This multi-day event brings together children and young people from all 55 UEFA nations. They not only play football together, but also get to know each other. An extensive social programme (workshops, joint excursions, sports, etc.) creates the opportunity for intercultural exchange and the development of a common “we” feeling as Europeans.

The European community has become a model for the peaceful coexistence of peoples worldwide, which the non-profit KOMM MIT Society supports with its work. The idea of integration and identification with other cultures, mentalities and habits takes on a special significance.

The festival has so far taken place in Barcelona/Spain, Linz/Austria and Berlin/Germany. This important European project has been able to win over well-known partners and supporters: Unicef (Germany, Austria, Spain), Council of Europe, UEFA, Österreicher Fußball-Bund, Deutscher Fußball-Bund, Telekom, ARAG Versicherung, among others,

Football is more than just a 1:0 – football unites. At the “ALLtogether” events, the social aspect, i.e. the development of intercultural relationships, is given special consideration. In this context, youth football is of great socio-political importance, because for decades young people from different cultures in all parts of the world have been playing together in a club. It is important to preserve the “peaceful coexistence” of children and young people in the future. Because peace cannot be taken for granted.

“To offer children and young people from different nations the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in a friendly and peaceful environment” was the vision of Karlheinz Reinartz, founder of KOMM MIT in 1983. This vision is still lived today.


ALLtogether - european youth football festival 2014

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ALLtogether - european youth football festival 2010

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ALLtogether - european youth football festival 2008

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