Promotion of volunteering
at the club

The whole system of socially relevant work stands and falls with voluntary activities. Club life is directly affected by this. KOMM MIT therefore supports voluntary work at various levels.

Strengthening voluntary engagement

A special focus is placed on the numerous volunteer youth coaches and support staff. They are the ones who give the children the opportunity to participate in sports and learn important social values through games. We are therefore indebted to all these volunteers and show great respect for their commitment.

KOMM MIT expresses this on the one hand through the annual invitations to the traditional “thank-you dinners” – as an appreciation and recognition of the work done in their clubs – during the tournament events. In the past decades, KOMM MIT has thanked more than 25,000 youth coaches for their commitment to society.

"It is the countless volunteer hours at grassroots level performed by coaches, parents, club officials and many other people that make football in Germany possible for children and young people. Their work deserves respect and recognition. The volunteers teach our children and young people fundamental values such as respect, fair play and team spirit - on the sports field, but also in society. These values are supported by our long-term partner in youth development, KOMM MIT, through specially organised international youth football encounters."

Dr. Rainer Koch, 1. Vizepräsident des DFB

KOMM MIT set a special example in the years 2013 to 2015 with the sponsorship project “100 Silent Heroes – Youth Coach of the Year”. With the nationwide campaign, supported by numerous media partners and institutions, KOMM MIT selected the 100 most committed trainers from all over Germany every year and invited them to a five-day educational trip to Spain to also say “thank you” for their work and to train and motivate these “silent heroes” through on-site workshops.

In 2015, the “silent heroes” became part of the DFB’s “Aktion Ehrenamt” and will now be continued as “FUSSBALLHELDEN – Aktion junges Ehrenamt”. Instead of the 100 volunteers selected by KOMM MIT, one dedicated coach from each of the 265 football districts will be nominated by the district honorary commissioners. The winners will be invited to a five-day football educational trip to Spain. The educational trip is organised by KOMM MIT as a DFB cooperation partner in the area of recognition culture. In addition to the personal development and networking opportunities for the participants, the clubs also benefit from the further education of their young, committed talents.

The qualified tutors and the content of the theoretical and practical workshops are provided directly by the DFB. In addition to the professional interchange, the participants can also look forward to a visit to the legendary Camp Nou, the football temple of FC Barcelona.

KOMM MIT has been supporting voluntary work at the grassroots level for more than 30 years and therefore knows without a doubt that German football would not be what it is today without voluntary work. Every day, numerous officials get involved to offer children and young people in particular the opportunity to engage in sporting activities in their free time. In the clubs, they learn to pass and cross, experience exciting football moments with their teammates and are taught socially relevant values such as fair play and team spirit.




Source: www.dfb.de

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