The tournament rules at the KOMM MIT tournaments

The language of football is international. Even if you don’t always understand the language of the opposing teams, use the language of sport to communicate.

And above all, be fair. It is not for nothing that the Fair Play Cup is the most coveted of all KOMM MIT trophies. Make it clear to you and your players that you are not only representing your club, but also your country. Set a good example. And if, in the heat of the tournament, there are any statements that go beyond the “usual fan chants”, remain thoughtful and objective.

1. the conduct of the tournament shall be the responsibility of the organisers and shall be governed by these tournament rules and the official rules of UEFA or FIFA.
2. the organisers shall appoint a tournament committee.
3. The organisers shall appoint a court management for the individual venues, which shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the matches according to the match schedule.
4. Referees appointed by the promoter shall be holders of a valid licence.

5. eligibility to play

A. All players entitled to play for the club, team or select team do so in accordance with the regulations which apply in their homeland and in compliance with FIFA regulations.
B.The original document entitling the player to participate (a valid player’s pass, copies are not accepted, or if necessary a passport/national identity card) and the game report sheet have to be submitted 30 minutes before the game starts to the field leader who shall then be responsible for checking them. In each match a maximum of 18 players (max. 2 older players) are allowed.
C. If a club registers more than one team in one age group, the players shall only be permitted to play for the same team within that age group. Therefore the team has to present the registration form to the tournament committee before the tournament begins. Where no registration list is submitted, the first match report shall serve as registration list.

6. Game report sheet

The sheet has to be signed by the coach or supervisor. After the match, the match report sheet is to be completed and signed by the referee. The sheet has to be signed by the coach or supervisor. After the match, the match report sheet is to be completed and signed by the referee. The tournament committee and both teams will receive a completed copy.

7. Age group divison / Qualifying date regulation 2022/2023


Age category until July 2023 from August 2023
U19 01.01.04 - 31.12.05 01.01.05 - 31.12.06
U17 01.01.06 - 31.12.07 01.01.07 - 31.12.08
U15 01.01.08 - 31.12.09 01.01.09 - 31.12.10
U13 (11 vs. 11) 01.01.10 - 31.12.11 01.01.11 - 31.12.12
U13 (7 vs. 7) 01.01.10 - 31.12.11 01.01.11 - 31.12.12
U11 (7 vs. 7) 01.01.12 - 31.12.13 01.01.13 - 31.12.14
U09 (7 vs. 7) 01.01.14 - 31.12.15 01.01.15 - 31.12.16

Special rule:
In each junior age group, two players who are at most 1 year older (e.g.: U19 = 2 players born in 2002, etc) are allowed to be added to the match report for each game and are permitted to play! In each junior age group younger players are permitted to play.


Age category until July 2023 from August 2023
Ü17 (11 vs. 11) born before 01.01.2006 born before 01.01.2007
U18 (11 vs. 11) 01.01.05 - 31.12.07 01.01.06 - 31.12.08
U17 (11 vs. 11) 01.01.06 - 31.12.07 01.01.07 - 31.12.08
U15 (11 vs. 11) 01.01.08 - 31.12.09 01.01.09 - 31.12.10
U15 (7 vs 7) 01.01.08 - 31.12.09 01.01.09 - 31.12.10
U13 (7 vs. 7) 01.01.10 - 31.12.11 01.01.11 - 31.12.12

Special rule:
In each junior girls age group, two girls who are at most 1 year older (e.g.: U17 = 2 girls born in 2003, etc) are allowed to be added to the match report for each game and are permitted to play!
In each junior girls age group younger girls are permitted to play.

8. substitution

Up to five substitutes can be made in each match of the tournament. Each substitution has to be signalled to the referee and can only be done during a time out. A player who has been substituted can participate in the same match again (within the limit of five substitutions). This rule does not apply to seven aside games. In these games, unlimited changes are permitted. However, all substitutions must still be notified to the referee.

9. Playing time

  • U19-/U17-/U16-/U15-/U14-/U13-/U12-Boys: 2 x 20 Minutes
  • Ü17-/U17-/U15-/U13-Girls: 2 x 20 Minutes
  • U11-/U10-/U09-Boys: 2 x 15 Minutes

10. Penalties

  • Caution (yellow card)
  • Time penalty (5 minutes)
  • Sent off (red card)

If a player is sent off the field (red card), he/she is suspended for the next game minimum. It is up to the tournament committee to decide on a higher penalty. Major disciplinary offences (also away from the pitch) may be punished with suspension or exclusion from the tournament.

11. Group divison

Games shall be played in groups of four teams (in exceptional cases groups of three or five teams).

12. Scoring

A. Scoring of games shall be done according to points and goals. If two teams have the same number of points, the goals ratio will count according to the subtraction method, the number of goals scored having priority (e.g.: 2:2 is better than 1:1, 5:3 is better than 3:1!). The scoring is in accordance with the system of the FIFA: win: 3 points, draw: 1 point, defeat: 0 points.
B. If two teams have an equal number of points and scored the same number of goals in the preliminary round, the result of the game in which they played each other shall decide the winner. If, in this case, they have an equal score, the winner shall be selected by drawing lots.
C. To determine the best second, third, fourth or fifth in a group of three or five teams within an age group, the number of points of each team is to be divided by the number of matches played by each team (quotient). Teams will be ranked according to their quotient, beginning with the highest one.
D. If no winner has been determined during the qualifying/final games in regular playing time, penalty kicks in line with FIFA rules shall determine the winner (Attention: Only players who are on the field at the final whistle will be allowed to take a penalty kick (This rule does not apply to seven aside games). No player is allowed to take two penalties before the rest of his team have taken one).
After the semifinals we normally find out the third placed team by penalty kick of the two semifinal losers.
E. Teams must arrive at the field 30 minutes before the start of the game. If a team arrives more than, at most, 15 minutes after the official game start time or fails to appear at all, the game shall be awarded as a 0:2 loss. However, if a team fails to appear through no fault of their own (transport problems, traffic congestion, etc.) the tournament direction shall adjudicate on whether a replay should take place. If a game is abandoned due to the misbehaviour of a team, it shall be awarded as a 0:2 loss. This also applies to gross unsportsmanlike conduct off the field of play. It is within the discretion of the tournament committee whether or not to notify the national association of the team in question. This also applies for a lack of sportsmanship away from the pitch.
F. In case matches are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, the results of these matches will be drawn at random (2:0 or 1:1 or 0:2). This applies only for an interruption not a discontinuation of the tournament.

13. Special rules

With the matches on small field (seven players aside) the following special rules do apply:

Category U09, U10 & U11

  • any number of players may be brought on and substituted repeatedly
  • the off side rule is waived
  • the 6-second rule for goalkeepers is waived
  • the pass-back rule to the goalkeeper is waived
  • the goalkeeper can kick-off (goal kick) using his hands

Category U12, U13(7) & U15g(7)

  • any number of players may be brought on and substituted repeatedly
  • the goalkeeper has to kick-off (goal kick) from the ground
  • if the goalkeeper kicks/throws the ball directly after he caught the ball with his hands, the ball must touch another player (team-mate or opponent) before crossing the half-line
    (excluded is the goal kick).

14. The designated “home” team in each game must have a change of shirts ready in case their opponents are wearing similar colours.

15. Disputes must be submitted to the tournament committee in written form within one hour of the game finishing. The appeal fee is
€ 25,00. A decision will be made and announced within the subsequent 24 hours.

The tournament committee does not accept any complaints concerning the referee’s factual decisions.

16. All participating clubs shall accept these tournament regulations. Offences may result in disqualification of the team in question. All teams are responsible for their own clothing, equipment and other possessions. The promoter and the tournament committee will not be liable for any theft.

17. Tournament prizes

Winners’ trophies for 1st to 3rd place per age group; participants trophies from the 4th place per age group; certificate for each team; medal for each player

Special awards:

  1. Fairest team
  2. Top scorer per age group
  3. Best goalkeeper per age group

Changes are possible