Beach soccer festival celebrates premiere

Beachsoccer-Festival feiert Premiere

In the course of the 10th anniversary of the German Beachsoccer Championship of the DFB in Warnemünde, the Beachsoccer Festival was held for the first time in the youth area. The U14 Juniors of ASV Durlach from Karlsruhe get the 1st place.

Warnemünde. The German Beachsoccer Championship has been based in Warnemünde since 2012. In the course of the round anniversary also the women’s as well as the youth teams played in addition to the men and inspired numerous fans and spectators on site on the weekend. Youth teams from Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Rostock were represented. In the sun and under blue skies, the boys and girls kicked on fine sand directly on the Baltic Sea.

In an exciting final in the big soccer arena of the German Beachsoccer Championship, ASV Durlach won against TSG Neubukow. They thus took second place and ASV Bergedorf 85 from Hamburg took third place.

A special highlight, during the award ceremony, was certainly the awarding of the “Fairplay Cup”. This went to ASV Bergedorf 85 for their exemplary behavior on and off the field. The organizer of the youth tournament was the non-profit organization KOMM MIT, which is also a partner of the DFB in the field of youth development. The teams were accommodated in a tent camp within walking distance of the beach and the soccer arena.

The non-profit KOMM MIT has been promoting grassroots children’s and youth soccer for several decades. In addition, the focus is on intercultural youth encounters through soccer. With international youth soccer tournaments in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Croatia, KOMM MIT manages to unite children and young people through sports.

The managing director of KOMM MIT, Philipp Reinartz, summarizes the experience “Beachsoccer Festival”: “Behind us lie three days under the sign of beach soccer in its entirety. Teams from the youth, the women and the men were represented and inspired the numerous spectators. This was a soccer festival with lifestyle character.”

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