Children experience international sporting events

Kinder erleben internationale Sportveranstaltungen

Before, during and after the Easter holidays, the non-profit organisation KOMM MIT organised four sports events in Spain and Croatia. Over 220 teams from a total of eleven different nations took part. These were the first KOMM MIT events after the two-year break due to corona.

Under the motto “ALLtogether – for peaceful coexistence”, the events were ushered in with a festive opening ceremony, including national anthems and the oath of fair play. In addition to teams from Germany, Croatia and Spain, athletes from Albania, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands travelled to the events to demonstrate their talent on the ball and make new international friends. Through the sporting and cultural programme, the children and young people learn important and sustainable values for social coexistence.

The young players gained international playing experience on sports fields along the Costa de Barcelona-Maresme and on the Croatian Adriatic coast and experienced pure football fun. Varied excursions strengthened the team spirit of the teams. After the finals, the closing ceremonies took place and all players received medals.

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