Our goals

Together for a better future!

Shaping the future

The world has always been in a constant state of change. Changes are part of our lives. So that we as global community In order to be able to react to these changes, solidarity and mutual understanding among each other is a prerequisite. This is exactly where we, KOMM MIT, come in and thereby shape a fairer future.

For society

Peaceful coexistence in Europe and
Promote the world

  • Increase acceptance of differences

  • Strengthen commonalities

  • Making solidarity, respect and participation a tangible experience

ALLtogether: Promoting diversity, equal opportunities
and equality

  • Facilitate intercultural encounters and international contacts

  • Standing up for tolerance and against racism

  • Effecting FRIENDLINESS to Strangers

Promote the personal development of children and young people

  • Health education

  • Promote civic education

  • Expand intercultural competences

Openness and interest for Europe
and increase internationality

  • Enable first international experience

  • Creating openness for the unknown

  • Encourage interest in further intercultural learning experiences

Promotion of voluntary commitment
at European level

  • Increase recognition and thanks for volunteering

  • Build platforms for volunteering

  • Form international networks among committed people


Club attractiveness

  • Create extra-sporting activities

  • Increase loyalty to the club

Team cohesion

  • Let friendships develop

  • Extending social skills

Promotion of the
Girls' football

  • Increase attention and reach

  • Reduce prejudices and create acceptance


  • Exemplify common values

  • Making the idea of fair play a tangible experience on and off the pitch

Consolidate voluntary commitment

  • Empowering and networking young volunteers

  • Securing voluntary work by promoting young people

  • Offer training to improve quality

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